The 100 Best Resources for an Online Job Search

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Whether you’ve just graduated, been laid off, or want to make a change, the job search has gotten a little harder these days. Jobs are just not as easy to come by as they used to be. That’s why it’s important to use all of the tools at your disposal to find one-and we’ve highlighted 100 of the best you can find online here.

Communities & Networking

Build up your network of contacts to help your chances of finding a job through someone you know.

  1. Ryze: Using Ryze, you can find contacts, network, and more.
  2. Tribe: Tribe will help you find contacts with similar interests that may be able to help you land a new job.
  3. Layoffspace: If you’ve been laid off, connect with others in a similar situation on this site.
  4. Meetup: Meetup makes it easy for you to get connected and network with people at events.
  5. Fast Pitch Networking: Fast Pitch Networking offers a professional social network.
  6. MyWorkster: MyWorkster will help you get networked with others in your community.
  7. Twitter: Connect locally and around the world by using Twitter.
  8. ZoomInfo: Make use of ZoomInfo to build your online reputation.
  9. Peekface: Get the dirt on potential employers by reading what their current and former employees have to say about them.
  10. Whototalkto: You can get the lowdown on important contacts and positions by using this community.
  11. Netparty: Netparty offers get togethers that will help you connect with other young professionals.
  12. LinkedIn: Make connections throughout your network by using LinkedIn.


Check out these websites, and you’ll find listings for thousands of jobs that just might be right for you.

  1. America’s Job Bank: You can use this resource to find a job bank within your state.
  2. Linkup: Linkup uncovers job listings hidden on websites and makes them easy to search for.
  3. SimplyHired: Through SimplyHired, you can find search results from thousands of job sites, companies, and more.
  4. JuJu: Get a comprehensive search of US and Canadian job boards with JuJu.
  5. 411Jobs: In this career directory, you can check out jobs through classifieds, job banks, and other useful resources.
  6. Craigslist: Find freelance work, full time gigs, and more on Craigslist.
  7. Job Science: Job Science makes it easy for you to narrow down your job search.
  8. Career USAToday: Look for jobs in participating newspapers with the help of Career USAToday.
  9. USAJOBS: Find jobs working for the US government through this site.
  10. Career Builder: This popular job listing site makes an excellent resource for job hunters.
  11. Monster: This site is the go-to resource for many employers and job seekers, so be sure to check it out.
  12. JobCentral: Find jobs and post your resume on this national labor exchange.
  13. Climber: Use to get a job that relates to what you’re interested in.
  14. JustPosted: Scoop up jobs hot off the presses with this website that offers the latest listings.
  15. The Employment Guide: This website and its accompanying publication can help you find employment.
  16. NotchUp: On NotchUp, you can post your resume and get paid to interview.
  17. Jobster: Jobster will help you find jobs posted in various places online.
  18. offers a wealth of job opportunities.
  19. FlipDog: FlipDog offers half a million jobs to search from.
  20. Yahoo! Hot Jobs: Yahoo! Hot Jobs makes another large and popular resource for job listings.
  21. Hound: Hound finds jobs on employer web pages and serves them up just for you.
  22. Ziki: Get connected with qualified employers by filling out a profile on Ziki.
  23. NationJob: NationJob can help you find a job anywhere in the nation.
  24. The Job Planet: The Job Planet will help you find employers, and offers job alerts as well.
  25. Put’s career tools and search to work for you.
  26. Career Site: Career Site offers resources from lots of different job sites online.
  27. SnagAJob: You can find hourly, part time, and full time jobs on SnagAJob.

Industry Job Sites

Check out these job sites to find listings in your specific industry.

  1. Education Crossing: This website will help you find online education jobs.
  2. American Library Association: Find open library positions from the American Library Association.
  3. iHispano: iHispano is designed for Hispanic employers and job seekers.
  4. FindLaw: Check out FindLaw to get access to a legal professional career center.
  5. Idealist: Those who are interested in working for nonprofits can find employment on this site.
  6. Law Crossing: On Law Crossing, you can find listings for legal positions.
  7. 37signals: 37signals has listings for design, programming, and more.
  8. TalentZoo: With TalentZoo, you’ll get access to job listings for marketing, publishing, advertising, and more.
  9. MilitaryHire: If you’re a military veteran, check out MilitaryHire to find a job.
  10. MonsterTRAK: Find job listings and resources for college students and young alumni on MonsterTRAK.
  11. HireDiversity: On HireDiversity, you can find jobs that seek out minors.
  12. iitjobs: Check out this site for international tech and IT jobs.
  13. The Ladders: The Ladders offers listings for six figure jobs.
  14. Guru: Guru offers a marketplace for your freelance skills.
  15. CareerJournal: From The Wall Street Journal, this site offers jobs for managers, professionals, and executives.
  16. Opportunity Knocks: You can find nonprofit employment through Opportunity Knocks.
  17. All Health Jobs: If you’re looking for employment in the field of health care, be sure to check out this site.
  18. CoolWorks: Check out CoolWorks to find summer and seasonal job listings at cool places.
  19. Find work as a caretaker on
  20. College Recruiter: College Recruiter offers job searching for college graduates.
  21. LatPro: Those who speak Spanish can find a job on LatPro.
  22. Alumwire: Young alumni and college students can find jobs on this site.
  23. Law Firm Staff: If you’re looking for a law job, be sure to check out this site.
  24. Dice: Use Dice to find technology jobs.
  25. ExecuNet: ExecuNet offers jobs, networking, and more for executives.
  26. CollegeGrad: This job site is designed just for recent college graduates.

Cover Letter & Resume

With these resources, you’ll be able to get help with your cover letter and resume.

  1. Damn Good Resumes: On this site, you’ll find damn good templates and samples for your resume.
  2. Emurse: Emurse will convert your resume into the online-ready hResume format.
  3. How to Create a Job Winning Resume: This resource offers lots of great information for creating an effective resume.
  4. Resume Readiness Quiz: Find out how ready your resume is for competing in today’s job market from this quiz.
  5. Resolio: Use Resolio to build an online-ready resume.
  6. Resume Calculator: Make use of this quiz to build an easy resume.
  7. Online Resume Writing Workshop: Check out this workshop to learn how to create an effective resume.


Prepare yourself for every interview possibility with these resources.

  1. InterviewBest: You get lots of great interview advice from InterviewBest.
  2. Interview Image Quiz: This quiz will help you hone your image for your big interview.
  3. Job Interview Questions Database for Job Seekers: In this database you’ll find 150 potential job interview questions to study as well as practice interviews.
  4. AceTheInterview: AceTheInterview will help you polish your interviewing skills to perfection.
  5. InterviewUp: Through this community, you can improve your interviewing skills.
  6. Interview Preparation Quiz: Check out this quiz to find out if you’re prepared for your interview.


These resources will help you find out what your work is worth.

  1. has lots of tools and information to help you discover your earning potential.
  2. Salary Negotiation Tutorial Quiz: Find out how well you know salary negotiation tactics by trying this quiz.
  3. Payscale: Get a salary report on
  4. SalaryExpert: Check out SalaryExpert to assess your earning potential with comparison tools and other data.
  5. Job Search Intelligence: Get a salary calculator that can offer statistically defensible compensation values from Job Search Intelligence.
  6. Cost of Living Wizard:’s tool will help you determine whether your cost of living will be affected by a relocation.
  7. Abbott-Langer: Get an analysis survey for an employer and salary with Abbott-Langer.
  8. SalaryScout: This resource will let you know just how much others get paid.


Make use of these tools to find data, get organized, and more.

  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Through the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can explore careers, industries, and more.
  2. CareerShift: With tools from CareerShift, you’ll be able to perform an organized job search.
  3. RiseSmart: RiseSmart offers a concierge service to find a job.
  4. Isabont: Make your job search more organized with Isabont’s tool.

Advice & Resources

Here, you’ll find lots of advice, as well as sites that offer links to even more job hunting resources.

  1. Ask the Headhunter: Get answers to your job hunting questions from a recruiter on this site.
  2. Job Hunter’s Bible: Make use of this site to find advice, job hunting links, and more.
  3. The Riley Guide: Check out the Riley Guide to get great advice for online job searching, resources, and more.
  4. Job-Hunt: On Susan Joyce’s site, you’ll find resources for using the Internet for your job search.
  5. JobStar: JobStar can help you find job hunting information.
  6. US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Get educated about discrimination through the EEOC’s website.
  7. QuintCareers: Check out Quint Careers to find tips, tools, and more.
  8. CareerLab: Use this site to find advice and answers about job hunting.
  9. Job Searching: is full of excellent information, advice, and resources for job hunting.
  10. America’s Career InfoNet: Make use of America’s Career InfoNet to learn about careers, salaries, and more.

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