100 Amazing Flickr Collections for Architecture Buffs

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Flickr is a great resource for finding photos and learning about what’s in our world. Users from around the world share their images-and lots of them are great for architectural research and inspiration. Now architecture students and enthusiasts don’t need to travel across the world to experience some of the world’s greatest architectural treasures because here you’ll find 100 excellent collections of buildings, details, and more.


These collections celebrate architecture in general.

  1. Architecture-Building & Construction: This group is devoted to building and construction around the world.
  2. Architecture Directory: Architecture Directory offers a meta-group for finding Architecture groups on Flickr.
  3. Flickr Favorite Architecture Photographers: Find and highlight some of the best architecture photographers on Flickr here.
  4. Architectural Paparazzi: Architectural Paparazzi is all about candid photographs of buildings.
  5. Architecture Porn: Find sexy shots of sexy spaces in this collection.
  6. Architectural Drawings: Check out this group to find drawings, sketches, plans, and more.
  7. 1-2-3 Architecture: Through this group, you’ll find the best architecture photos from each member.
  8. 100+ Viewed Best Architecture Photos: This collection offers excellent architecture images on Flickr.
  9. Architecture Travellers: This group is all about people who travel and visit architecture all over the world.

Historical & Derelict

Fans and students of old architecture will enjoy these collections.

  1. Any Derelict Building: If you’re interested in grunge and abandoned buildings, check out this group.
  2. Old Houses: See pictures of houses 90, 100 years and older in this collection.
  3. ArchitectureThen & Now: History Through Photography: Explore history through the photographs in this collection.
  4. Big Old Buildings/Interesting Architecture: Find all things old and big in architecture in this group.
  5. Architecture of Days Gone By: See photos of old and historic buildings in this group.
  6. This Old House (Century Homes): This collection offers a showcase of century homes.


View architecture by geographic location through these collections.

  1. AIA 150: America’s Favorite Architecture: See photos of AIA’s 150 favorite architecture sites in this group.
  2. Architecture in the Phillipines: In this group, you’ll find a showcase of architecture in the Phillipines.
  3. Sugar House, Salt Lake City: Explore the Sugar House neighborhood in Salt Lake City through this collection of photographs.
  4. Architecture in Europe: Find and share photography of European architecture in this Flickr group.
  5. Hong Kong-The Noble House: Explore Hong Kong architecture through the images presented in this group.
  6. Happy Houses New Orleans: Find a collection of brightly colored New Orleans homes here.
  7. An Album of Murfreesboro, TN Houses: This collection of photographs will let you look into the homes of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
  8. Building Developments UK: Check out the construction development of buildings in the UK in this group.
  9. Building/Architecture in Asia: Be sure to check out this group to see a variety of Asian architecture.


These collections are useful for students who want to research architecture from specific time periods.

  1. 1960s Interior Design and Residential Architecture: Check out homes with 1960s style in this collection.
  2. Architecture from 1900 to 1999: Discover architecture from 1900 to 1999 by state, architecture, year, and more.
  3. Tower Blocks and Architecture of the 1960s and 1970s (UK Only): This collection shows various architecture of the 60s and 70s in the UK.
  4. 20th Century Prefab Homes: This group celebrates prefab homes of the 20th century.
  5. Architecture, 1400-1900: Take a look at the architecture in between the medieval and modern eras, from 1400-1900.
  6. 1970s Architecture and Design: In this collection, you’ll see homes, municipal spaces, and other buildings with 1970s design.
  7. 19th Century Prefab Homes and Buildings: Check out prefabricated and mass produced homes from the 19th century here.
  8. 1950s Interior Design and Residential Architecture: Explore the architecture and design of the ’50s through this collection.
  9. 1903 Building Dates: See buildings built in 1903 in this group.
  10. 1980s Interior Design and Residential Architecture: Lovers of 80s style will find lots of great photos in this collection.


See architecture styles, movements, and more in these collections.

  1. Brutalist Architecture: Check out this group to find buildings made of concrete in the Brutalist style.
  2. The OTHER Adobe-Hand Built Houses: This group is full of mud brick, owner built, recycled materials, stone, straw, thatching, and other hand built homes.
  3. Art Deco: See art deco designs in this collection.
  4. Byzantine Empire: Explore Byzantine heritage and architecture by checking out this collection.
  5. Victorian Style Homes: See old, ornate Victorian homes in this collection of photographs.
  6. Palladian Architecture: Here you’ll find architecture inspired by the designs of Andrea Palladio.
  7. Castles-Castillos: Find nearly 24,000 photos of castles around the world in this collection.
  8. Baroque: This collection highlights designs with Baroque elements.
  9. Retro Modern Architecture and Design: You can find buildings, homes, and other pieces of architecture that incorporate modernist and mid-century styles.
  10. Decorative Concrete Architecture: Find concrete architecture of all kinds in this group.
  11. Atomic Ranch: This collection is full of American atomic ranches from the 40s-70s.
  12. Ambiente Medieval: In this collection, you’ll see images of places that evoke the European Middle Ages.
  13. Modernist Houses: See photographs of modernist homes in the UK here.
  14. Flatirons-Wedged Buildings: Find a celebration of wedged buildings in this collection.
  15. Eastlake, Stick Style, Italianate Architecture: This group celebrates simple, beautiful Victorian style.
  16. Antebellum: In this group, you will see photographs of buildings in the Southern US that were built before the Civil War.

Ugly Buildings & Bad Design

Not all architecture is great-see some of the worst here.

  1. Ugly Transformation of a Building: See photos of buildings that are ugly in their transformation in this collection.
  2. Bad Architecture: Check out this collection for architecture that just doesn’t make sense.
  3. Eyesore: Find incredibly ugly buildings in this Flickr group.


Watch architecture in progress through these collections.

  1. Building Demolition and Rebirth: Check out this group to find photos of buildings being demolished and rebuilt.
  2. All Construction: See construction on buildings and roads in this collection.
  3. Seattle Under Construction: Check out this collection to view Seattle’s current construction sites.
  4. Construction/Destruction of Ireland: View construction in Northern and southern Ireland in this collection.
  5. DC Under Construction: See all of the ongoing construction and development in Washington, DC through this group.
  6. Dubai Construction: This group celebrates all of the ambitious construction in Dubai.
  7. Contract Journal-Construction Machinery: Take a look at construction machinery in this group, including excavators, cranes, and diggers.
  8. UK Construction: Check out the construction projects going on in the UK in this collection.
  9. Norway Constructions and Design: In this group, you’ll find photos highlighting constructions and design from all around Norway.


In these collections, you’ll see some famous landmarks.

  1. Oslo Opera House: See the Oslo Opera House from a variety of different angles through this collection.
  2. New York 3 Flatiron Chrysler Empire State Building: Find photos of three New York City landmarks in this group; the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, and Empire State Building.
  3. George Eastman House: These photographs will give you the opportunity to explore the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY.


The architectural gems in these collections are categorized by their use.

  1. Barns & Silos: Lovers of countryside architecture will appreciate this collection of barns and silos.
  2. Bodegas, Groceries & Corner Stores: Explore small urban grocery stores through this collection.
  3. Factory: Check out new, old, amazing, and defunct factories.
  4. Almshouses: See British and European almshouses in this collection.
  5. City Hall: This collection is full of photos of city halls around the world.
  6. Campus Architecture: Check out this group to see the architecture of college, university, and other educational campuses.
  7. Designer Hotels: Explore boutique and designer hotels through this group.
  8. Fortresses, Forts & Fortifications of the World: Here you’ll find beautiful and interesting photos of the forts in our world.
  9. Barns: This group offers lots of photos of barns old and new.
  10. Drive-Ins: In this collection, you’ll see photographs of drive-ins of all kinds.
  11. Park It-A Study of Garages: See loads of garages in this collection of photographs.
  12. Former Theaters: See photographs of buildings that used to be theaters in this group.
  13. Fashion x Architecture : This group’s photos highlight the flagship stores of major fashion houses.
  14. Adult Books & Videos: Explore the exteriors of adult book and video stores in this collection./li>
  15. Cinema Architecture: Look at interesting photos of movie theaters around the world through this group.
  16. Churches and Houses of Worship: See churches, temples, mosques, and more in this collection.


Explore houses and homes through these collections.

  1. Eccentric Houses: This collection is full of some of the most eccentric homes out there.
  2. In the House: See what’s a part of other peoples’ homes in this collection.
  3. Houses and Homes: This group highlights the exteriors of interesting homes from around the world.
  4. Beautiful Houses and Villas: In this group, you’ll find beautiful homes around the world.
  5. Architects House Themselves: See images from homes built by architects, for architects in this collection.
  6. This Old House: Check out the photos in this collection to see old houses and historic homes.
  7. Haunted Houses, Buildings & Other Creepy Places: You can get a good look at some of the creepiest places in the world through these photographs.


These collections celebrate different parts of architecture.

  1. Details of Modern Architecture: Check out all of the little details that go into modern architecture in this Flickr group.
  2. Houses with Towers: See lots of homes with towers and turrets in this group.
  3. Arches: See arches manmade and natural in this collection.
  4. Architectural Details: This collection will show you lots of unique, interesting, and unusual architectural details.
  5. Beautiful Ceilings: Embrace a love of ceilings in this collection.
  6. Light in Architecture: Find out how light transforms ordinary into extraordinary through this group.
  7. Drive-Thru: In this collection, you will see photographs of restaurants with drive-thru windows.
  8. Domes in Architecture: This collection is full of architectural domes.
  9. Historic Porches, Gingerbread, Woodwork, Millwork & Scrollwork: If you’re interested in trim work on historic homes, this collection is for you.
  10. Building Dates: This group encourages viewers to find the date of construction on buildings.
  11. Architectural Details and Decorative Elements: Take a look at all of the little elements of architecture through this collection.
  12. Any Towers: Lovers of towers, spires, lighthouses, and more will find what they’re looking for in this collection.

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